Our corporate philosophy  has an innovative approach and comprises the unrestricted implementation of the principles of green chemistry.
As a high-tech company in Chemistry we want to sharpen the view for sustainable and at the same time economical entrepreneurship. Our aim is to promote the transition of chemical industry towards a sustainable reindustrialization. In this way, we are guided by the twelve principles of Green Chemistry, constituted by Paul T. Anastas and John C. Warner.

In order to produce in a resource-friendly way and to reduce pollution, innovative techniques for industrial chemistry are in demand. DexLeChem offers innovative process approaches for the manufacturing of fine chemicals such as:

-    Synthesis in aqueous solutions
-    Optimized processes for the separation of mixtures which reduce the consumption of energy and materials
-    Re-using of homogeneous chiral catalysts
This prevents racemization and extensive separations of enantiomers are no longer necessary.

Our understanding of sustainability also comprises our company. Even though we are young, we see ourselves as a family-run company with its own tradition. In other words, we do not seek short-term economic success and quick exit, but we want to make a contribution to green chemistry also for the benefit of future generations.