Sonja Jost on penal discussion with Gregor Gysi

During the Ost-West-Wirtschaftsforum Sonja Jost discusses the social and ecological responsibility of entrepreneurs with the German politician Gregor Gysi. Sharing the vision of contributing to the German “Chemiewende” (transition of chemical industry) this is a major issue for DexLeChem.

The start-up recognizes its responsibility for the next generations. With innovative routes of synthesis the shift in the chemical industry towards renewable feedstocks is possible and a next generation of green drugs can be developed. But DexLeChem stands also for a new leadership culture by living diversity. All members of the team accept their different personalities and thus complement to each other’s strenghts. The use of an agile project management tool (Scrum) even supports this concept.

Invited by the Rohnstock e.V. and supported by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce IHK Berlin the Ost-West-Wirtschaftsforum takes place at the state representation of Thuringia in Berlin, Mohrenstraße 64, on September 25.

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