DexLeChem puts social engagement into action through JSES

The goals of this event, held on July 29th - August 2nd 2013 are to raise the awareness of social entrepreneurship among pupils from the USA and Berlin and to develop suitable ideas for products and services, respectively.

The concept is how to balance social consciousness and successful business. The international program is especially designed for pupils at the age of eleven to fourteen years.

To do so the pupils will learn from professors and professionals from the various fields. In this context Sonja Jost will demonstrate the importance of “STEM” (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) and that it plays a key part in social entrepreneurship ventures.

The week ends with a gala day, where the final results of the team competitions will be announced and each participant presents their individual projects.

Please find the complete program as download here.

The following school and universities will also support the 1. Junior Socialpreneur Summit

Nelson-Mandela-Schule  FU Berlin  Berlin British School Mirman School (Los Angeles) TU Berlin

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