DexLeChem GmbH helps to overcome barriers to green chemistry

In spite of the global call for sustainability barriers towards the implementation of green chemistry still have to be overcome. According to a Harvard survey the chemical industry will only choose the green path if it also pays. DexLeChem provides development services that meet these demands.

By applying DexLeChem’s water based production process, unmodified homogeneous catalysts can be re-used for the first time. This innovative reaction route enables customers not only to produce active pharmaceutical ingredients in a green way, but also to bring down production costs significantly. Even though there might be an investment barrier in the beginning, the possibility of re-using is an important economic factor for the capital-intensive industry. Another barrier is a technological one. According to the Harvard survey, there is a lack of appropriate training of chemists including the ability to think on a more global level.The interdisciplinary team has developed an innovative and sustainable method which meets customer needs. In addition, green chemistry has achieved a good level of awareness: it increases corporate value and strengthens long-term competitiveness of pharmaceutical companies.

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