High Potential Young Leader: Participation in intern. Bled Strategic Forum (BSF)

DexLeChem CEO Jost was chosen as "young leader" to participate in the international BSF. Out of 400 nominees by embassies, 45 "high potentials" have been selected worldwide to join in the political discussion of the new orientation of Europe.

As foundress of a high-tech chemistry startup Jost will sharpen the consciousness for economical and at the same time social entrepreneurship in order to stimulate efforts towards a transition of the chemical industry that is necessary for a sustainable reindustrialisation.

Focus of the international conference is a new orientation of Europe regarding leadership, new technologies, and building trust. Jost will join in the Young Bled Strategic Forum from August, 29th to September 1st and in the Bled Strategic Forum at September, 2nd 2014 in Slovenia.

About BSF:

"Bled Strategic Forum has established itself as an important annual gathering aimed at making commitments for the implementation of new strategies designed to confront the most pressing issues of today’s Europe and the world. Organized jointly by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia and the Centre for European Perspective, the Bled Strategic Forum is one of the leading international conferences."

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