Next generation pharmaceuticals: DexLeChem participates in the Long Night of Sciences

How can drugs be produced in a „green” way? How will the next generation of pharmaceuticals look like? During the Long Night of Sciences Sonja Jost (CEO DexLeChem) shows that there are ways to change and reinvent the chemical/pharmaceutical industry.

Until today, the production of many drugs is still based on mineral oil. Taking into account dwinding resources and the finiteness of oil the pharmaceutical industry needs innovation. One approach can be to re-use expensive noble metal catalysts or to chance solvents from mineral oil to water. With its patented invention in homogeneous chiral catalysis DexLeChem supports the event on June 13, (06.40 p.m.) as best practice example for inventions made at TU Berlin and successful spin-out. The company develops and redesigns smart routes of synthesis for API production that are cost-efficient and ecological. This ensures competive advantages and offers a way to keep pharmaceutical production in Germany and to encourage the German "Chemiewende" (transition of the chemical industrie). The event takes place at the Universtitätsbibliothek, room BIB014.

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