New service: theoretical modelling for biotech applications

Theoretical modeling and computer based simulations are valuable tools to understand and optimize various kinds of industrial processes. Because of a high demand, DexLeChem now officially expands its service portfolio towards theoretical modeling in biotech applications.

Up to now, the chemical industry successfully applies these techniquesto evaluate microscopic chemical details, thermodynamic properties or to reach the best result in scale-up. They are however also applicable to biotechnological processes. Due to the lack of internal know-how and the focus on other process challenges, theoretical models and simulations have not been applied as often in biotech processes as in chemical industry so far.
We are happy to offer our customers a completely new service in biotech simulations optimizing volume/time yield, robustness, handling and other parameters of their processes considerably. For this purpose know-how in reaction engineering, process engineering, biotechnology and theoretical modeling are combined. If you want to know with which mathematical simulation approach your problems can be solved, contact us here:

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