Chemistry4Innovation: Series of lectures at the CoLaborator and CHIC

On September 17 Sonja Jost gave the go-ahead for the network Chemistry4Innovation at the CoLaborator. The idea of this series of lectures is to strengthen the network between science, high-tech startups and economy.

Many young companies but also staff from bigger enterprises attended the opening event. They used the opportunity to get an update on the latest technological and scientific state and for networking. The event gave insights on lastest research findings on “extractions” from the point of view of Bionactis, a Swiss startup and of a young scientist from the TU Berlin. Quite often it is a challenge to separate chemical or biological products from solvents or parts of plants. The two lectures present two completely different approaches to solve this problem.

The meetings will be held on a regular basis to ensure a continuous updating on the latest findings in technology and science.

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