Minister Altmaier visits DexLeChem

The EUREF-Campus was one stop of the so called Sommerreise (summer tour)  of minister Peter Altmaier. DexLeChem could give an understanding of its innovation for the production of finechemicals for the pharmaceutical industry. Regina (awardee from Climate-KIC) shows exemplarily with her hands what chirality ("the handedness") is. She although explained why chirality has a high influence on the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API).

Especially complex chiral noble catalysts are industrially very important, though their use to date was quite cumbersome. Thanks to the process optimization developed by DexLeChem the use not only will be easier, but for the first time reusing will be possible, too. Read more.


Regina Böttcher (right) explains the process innovation from DexLeChem to

German Federal environment minister Peter Altmeier (left). © Climate-KIC 2012

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