DexLeChem participates in panel discussion "Gründerwoche Deutschland"

In the forefront of the experts meeting Prof. Wippermann, the well known trend researcher and evers&jung identified five trends of founding consulting. These trends were examined in the panel of experts. To underline one aspect/trend. You can register an intensification or so called "industrialisation" of foundings. More and more people are willing to be their own boss, to be creative in how to organize their own working space and conditions. One résumé is the necessity of a similarly increase of professional founding consulting. They must and should be embedded in regional and transregional networks notwithstanding that there are already very well working organizations and programs supporting entrepreneurs in Germany.

Detailed results will be published in the study "Gründungsförderung - neue Trends und innovative Instrumente" by BMWi in early 2013.

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