USA showed great interest in re-using innovation

In addition to the attendance at the PharmaChemOutsourcing (PCO) in New Jersey, Martin Rahmel and Regina Böttcher met potential customers and co-operation partners. Among other things they talked to members of the Enterprise Development Center of the New Jersey´s Science & Technology University (NJIT), a National Business Incubation Association Award winner. With three companies they were able concretely to discuss technological and economically subjects.

At the conference Martin made use of the opportunity to establish furthermore new contacts, because the interest in DexLeChem´s innovation was very pronounced. This is quite understandable: at the PCO experts emphasized that in 2020 the amount of chiral active pharmaceutical ingredients (cAPI) in newly approved drugs will be about 95 percent.

In retrospect they were having many business talks in a short period of time and taking with them a large amount of ideas, suggestions and important information as well as new business possibilities. Finally the trip was a great success.


Beside the U. S. Department of Energy, the Advanced Research Projects Agency • Energy (ARPA-E) or the Dutch embassy, Martin Rahmel primarily visited the PharmaChemOutsourcing.

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