Manager Magazin Online reports on DexLeChem

The German Manager Magazin in collaboration with the business-network Xing did call for a founder competition. This campaign was accompanied by several articles with corresponding subjects. For example author Bernd Kramer writes about founding teams at the German universities. In his article, entitled „Die Uni als Gründungskosmos“ (The uni as a founding cosmos), which appeared May 16th, 2012 on Manager Magazin Online, Kramer presents primarily the TU Berlin as one of the top founding universities.

Sonja Jost als Gründungsinitiatorin von DexLeChem nennt ihre Motivation zur Gründung aus der Uni heraus: „Ich wollte nichts machen, was hinterher in der Schublade verschwindet."

Sonja Jost as the leading founder has her say and explains her motiviation to found straight out of the university: “I didn´t want to do something that gathers dust in a drawer afterwards.”


The full article can be read here or download as a PDF (only in German).


On his website the German business magazine Manager Magazin reports on DexLeChem as an example for high-tech founding straight out of the university.

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