World premiere: 1st Chemistry Start-ups Pitching Session

We are very proud to be an official supporter of the worldwide 1st Chemistry Start-ups Pitching Session which will take place in Berlin on September 25 as side-event of the International Sustainable Chemistry Conference.

The chemical industry is the third biggest industry in Germany. The "Chemiewende" (German for Chemistry Transition) describes the shift of this industry from one based on finite fossil fuels to one based on renewable feedstocks.
But this is just one example. After the translation of the European waste pyramid into German Law in 2012 ('Kreislaufwirtschaftsgesetz'), more and more syntheses routes and processes have been developed to reduce, re-use, and recycle compounds used in production. Here, water has gained tremendous attention as a solvent, not only through the development of efficient bio-catalytic processes but also because its possible use in traditional chemical syntheses has been broadened extensively over the last years. Quantum chemical simulations suddenly open the door to an exciting new dimension of knowledge and potential applications.

Since DexLeChem’s high-tech services provide enabling technologies for the transition of the chemical industry we are very proud to support this important event together with Germany Trade & Invest, CHEManager, EY, Bundesverband Deutsche Startups, Berlin Partner, Chemiecluster Bayern, and the Cluster of Excellence UniCat.

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