Jost and BASF CTO Brudermüller discuss the digital transformation of the chemical industry

The digitalisation in the chemical industry and its business impact is the main topic on the panel and will be discussed by DexLeChem CEO Jost and BASF CTO Brudermüller during the digital conference of the German Government.

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As an expert of strategies in innovative businesses, CEO Jost will discuss the transformation process of the chemical industry. She will show that digitalisation accelerates a sustainable reindustrialisation. By applying newest computer-based simulation methods, an significant improvement of resource efficiency in the production of fine chemicals is not only possible and creates hard competitive advantages (see e.g. here for a customer testimonial), but that it is also important for the realisation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the United Nations.

About the event:
The digital conference of the German Federal Government takes place June 12th – 13th in Ludwigshafen and it sets the federal guidelines for the digital transformation in Germany. The digitalisation of the chemical industry is one of the main topics.

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