Global Business Summit 2017 Amsterdam: CEO Jost invited as speaker

At the Global Business Summit, which takes place March 20th-22nd in Amsterdam, CEO Jost reports about the benefits of using water as a solvent in the manufacturing of fine chemicals.

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The three-day event unites experts from different sectors to discuss chemicals regulations and their business impacts. As an expert of innovation in the field of a highly controlled and regulated environment, DexLeChems CEO Jost will give a lecture about the following topic:

“How water as solvent in pharmaceutical and fine chemical production lowers manufacturing costs as well as the environmental impact”

In particular, she will discuss the following points:

  • Industrial application possibilities
  • Advantages of using water as solvent (e.g. re-use opportunities of indispensable expensive resources as noble metal catalysts)
  • The challenge of a “paradigm shift” in industry
  • Regulation or communication barriers? How information asymmetry hinders industrial implementations

Further lectures of highly renowned representatives of institutions such as the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the EU Commission or the Zero Discharge of Hazardous (ZDHC) Programme build the central part of the event. Besides strategies to tackle economic challenges resulting from regulation, other topics such as barriers in the supply chain, the development of safer chemicals, effects of REACH and innovation in regulated areas are also on the agenda.

About the event:

The Global Business Summit takes place March 20th-22nd in Amsterdam and addresses all people that are interested in regulatory decisions and developments in the chemical industry. More information can be found here.

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