AstraZeneca gives DexLeChem an outstanding testimonial

DexLeChem has successfully worked for another global top pharma player, AstraZeneca which has given an outstanding testimonial about the development work DexLeChem performed.

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DexLeChem tasks were to significantly reduce costs and enhance the sustainability of the production of an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API). This perfectly fits into AstraZeneca's business strategy “to grow through science-led innovations”.

Robert Woodward - Project-Manager @ AstraZeneca

“Impressive! The potential to lower cost of goods is massive!”

Martin Jones - Principal Scientist, Chemical Development @ AstraZeneca

“DexLeChem delivers an interesting piece of technology, as our process is not only sustainable but also more cost efficient. We would not have done this internally!”

About AstraZeneca:

AstraZeneca is an Anglo–Swedish global pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical company with 22.5 bn sales in 2017.

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