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Gain considerable advantages along your value chain with our services:

  • cost-savings
  • time savings
  • know-how lead
  • less emissions
  • patent protection
  • higher yield
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Customer advantages

Our service portfolio

New: optimize biotech
Enhance the performance of your biotech processes

Improve your biotech process 20 percent and more already in the first of several project phases by applying various mathematical methods.

Development re-using processes for catalysts

Reduce the catalyst cost of your chiral hydrogenation or coupling process by up to 85 percent based on our IP and trade secrets, for an example click here .

Redesign of existing routes of synthesis

For 2nd generation processes and IP-bypassing: Gain patentability and freedom-to-operate by integrating of own IP and by using the innovation pool of Green Chemistry.

Enhance the performance of your chemical process

By applying numerical methods we optimize processes by up to 20 percent.

Reduction of expensive resources and auxiliaries (like noble metals)

Based on patents, computational methods, our data base of applicable solvents and additives we reduce indispensable resources.

New: interim R&D leader
Manage innovation processes more efficiently

We train your interdisciplinary R&D-teams to work as a startup and bring in line creativity and corporate goals.

Improve the product purity with extractive separation methods

Quantum chem. simulations and our own data base of suitable solvents (e.g. thermomorphic) and additives improve results.

Improve the reproducibility of your results

By understanding the mechanism inhibiting catalytic reactions we investigate your synthesis to identify critical parameters towards a more robust process performance, e.g. after scale-up.

Reactivate (Catalytic Cycle)
Enhance the turn-over-number (TON) of your catalyst

Detailed examination of catalytic cycles enables significant improvement of catalyst performance and reduce your time-to-market. It facilitates upscaling.

IP Research
Gain relevant data and patent protections

We find creative new synthesis ways and our colaboration with patent attorneys ensures that you either can protect it or that you do not infringe the rights of others.

Our R&D-team

Our R & D team consists of experts with specific competences in different fields. Combining these disciplines distinguishes us and leads to development results with competitive advantages in your synthesis.

Catalysis: homogeneous catalysis, enantioselective hydrogenations, cross-coupling reactions, multi-phase catalysis
Process Engineering: efficient separation of multi-phase systems, tailor-made phase behaviour / phase properties,focus on technical feasibility in your plants
Theoretical Physics: computer physics, quantum chemistry (e.g. DFT)

Technical team

R & D equipment

Technical equipment

Apart from our own equipment we have access to further devices to meet a broad range of technical necessities.

Up-to-date working conditions for chiral catalysis together with a customized labscale autoclave ensure the technical flexibility to realize a wide range of process control. Schlenk line and glovebox enable working in inert atmosphere. Apart from our own analytical equipment we can use further devices of our cooperation partners in Berlin, this guarantees quick access without any delays for your project under obligatory strict confidentiality.