Outstanding in industrial relevance and degree of innovation: Lonza’s newest project testimonial

Very recently, another catalyst re-using project was accomplished for the world’s largest CMO and once again, the experienced industrial experts gave outstanding testimonials about DexLeChem’s high level of innovative solutions and its strong focus on upscalability for production.

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E. Klegraf, Ph.D. – Process Optimization:
„DexLeChem delivered solutions for our challenge by applying latest insights from scientific research. The Team’s capability of transferring this knowledge into industrially applicable approaches is astonishing!”

N. Ebner, Ph.D. – Manufacturing Process Optimization:
„The practical relevance of DexLeChem’s innovative solutions is remarkable!"

Lonza AG is the fourth biggest healthcare company in Switzerland, traded at the Swiss Leader Index. The highly innovation driven company was not only DexLeChem’s first customer, but has since then already entrusted the young company with diverse additional technical challenges.

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