Jost appointed to the editorial board of Green Chemistry Letters & Reviews

Prof. John Warner, one of the founding fathers of Green Chemistry and editor of the Open Access and peer-reviewed journal “Green Chemistry Letters and Reviews”, appointed DexLeChem CEO Jost to the editorial board.

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Jost joins the renowned Prof. Arnold (UCB), Prof. Coates (Cornell), Prof. Ley (Cambridge), Prof. Lipshutz (UCSB), Prof. K. Matyiaszewski (CMU), among others. With her background in homogeneous catalysis and newest process design techniques that lead to a significant higher resource efficiency, Jost is very happy to contribute to the future development of the journal. “I feel incredibly honored!”, she said after her appointment. Her strong focus on industrial applications as well as her clear vision on how to rise above today’s challenges brought her to the board.


About the Journal:

Green Chemistry Letters and Reviews is an Open Access, peer-reviewed journal focused on rapid publication of innovative new syntheses and procedures that reduce or eliminate the use and generation of hazardous materials. Reviews of state-of-the-art green chemistry technologies are also included within the journal's scope.

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