The people behind DexLeChem* are united by the intention to make a sustainable contribution to green chemistry. Our process innovation enables us to realize a resource-efficient manufacturing of fine chemicals for the pharmaceutical industry. The self-conception of DexLeChem is reflected in social engagement and diversity, which is represented in the team.

Sonja Jost

CEO & foundress

Sonja holds a Dipl.-Ing. in Technical Chemistry & Mgmt from the TU Berlin, Germany. She was elected as one of „25 female inventors who are changing our world“ (Handelsblatt, ZEIT online) and is an engineer by training who loves chemistry.


Köpenicker Straße 325
Haus 11-12
12555 Berlin (Germany)
email  Sonja Jost

* DexLeChem is the combination of the three terms Dexter, L(a)evus and Chemistry. The initials of the latin words dexter and laevus were used by chemist Emil Fischer for his molecule projections, helping him to display chirality centres of sugar molecules more clearly.