DexLeChem is supported by the pro FIT program of the land of Berlin, co-financed by the EU’s European Regional Development Fund.

Project name:

Market introduction of extractive based Re-using of  industrially implemented Biaryldiphosphine-hydrogenation catalyst within the production of enantiopure substances

Project period:

August 1st, 2014 –June 30st, 2017


Project goals:

The project’s main goal is to introduce the extractive based re-using of catalysts to the market, more precisely Biaryldiphosphine-hydrogenation catalysts. This breaks down to the following subgoals:

- Introduction of innovative re-using service

- Depletion of information asymmetry regarding production technologies within industry

- Assurance of broad applicability of catalyst re-using

Expected results:

As the main outcome it is expected, that catalyst re-using is implemented for two industrial processes, demonstrating the advantages of this resource-efficient production method.